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Product Information

In this folder you will find all the articles that give you general information about the hardware of the Mr Beam. 

Accessories Information

This section gives you an overview of all the accessory options you have when you buy a Mr Beam.

First steps

You've come to the right place if you've just bought your Mr Beam. These articles will tell you where to start.

Laser parameters

Laser parameters allow a laser cutter to adapt to the processing of different materials. In this section, you will learn what these laser parameters do and how you can best use them.

Hardware and software usage

In this articles we will show you some of the most important functions, but also tips and tricks on how you can use your laser cutter even more efficiently.

Software support

The Mr Beam software has a lot of features to enhance your experience. To keep it that way, we've already solved potential problems here.

System messages

If an error occurs in the software, Mr Beam often displays an error message that can provide you with information about the problem. In this article, we briefly explain what each error message means.

Support Sticks

If something is not quite right, you can always contact our support. If necessary, you will be provided with a file for a USB stick with which you can repair your Mr Beam yourself. In the following articles, you will learn what they do and how to use them correctly.

General troubleshooting

This section contains articles on bug fixes that are not directly related to software or hardware individually.