The Mr Beam software is browser-based and works best on Google Chrome. This means you don't need to install any additional programs or tools. After you have made the initial set-up, the quickest way to access the software is via Thanks to the integrated camera and the intuitive user interface, anyone can quickly learn how to operate a Mr Beam. 

In the following article we explain the most important features of the Mr Beam software:

1. Homing cycle and focusing the laser head.

2. Quick Form and Quick Text

3. Upload file

4. Design Store

5. Positioning

6. Laser parameter

7. Assign colours

8. Advanced settings

9. Start

In addition, we also have a video with a software overview:

1. Homing Cycle and focusing the laser head.

After starting the software you will need to click on the Homing Cycle button which will appear in the working area. This will move the laser head to its starting position (top right corner) to synchronize its actual position with the software settings. 

Next, place a piece of material of your choice in the working area and focus the laser head to adjust it to the height of your material. Double-click in the working area to position the laser head over your material. More details on laser head focusing can be found in this article

2. Quick Form and Quick Text

The fastest way to create a laser design is by using Quick Form or Quick Text integrated directly in the software, in the left panel in the tab "working area". Here you will find several options for creating simple geometric shapes (rectangle, circle, star and heart) and a few type fonts. With the Quick Shape tool you can also set the size as well as the colour of the stroke or filling. However, this tool is limited and will not replace more sophisticated programs for vector editing, like Illustrator, Inkscape or Corel Draw. 

3. Upload file

If you want to upload your laser design file to the software, click in the menu panel at the top on the tab "design library". You can upload your files with the extensions .dxf, .svg, .g, .gco, .gcode, .gif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .nc, .pcx, .png, .webp using Upload button or by drag & dropping directly to the browser window. These files are then available for selection on the right. Clicking on your selected design file will place it in the working area of your Mr Beam. 


Already in the working area you will see which elements of your design file are recognized by the Mr Beam software.

Colour Fill (for engraving):
- pixel graphics, e.g. photographs (JPG, PNG, BMP)
- colour gradients or colour fill

and vectors in red and green (for cutting or engraving)

4. Design Store

In our Design Store you will find a selection of designs ready to laser cut and engrave with Mr Beam! They can be purchased with Beam Coins. You will find more information on the Design Store in this article.

5. Positioning

Now you can place your file on the working area in alignment with your material. Use the arrows to scale and rotate the graphic.

To achieve precise positioning over the camera, you should adjust the height of your material in the software, if your material is thicker than 3mm. Otherwise the picture on the screen might not match your lasercut result in terms of positioning. 

Tip: For easier placement, we have a hidden feature in the software that allows you to split your SVG file into multiple pieces. This gives you even more freedom to place your design correctly on the workpiece and can often save space, especially when cutting.

If you are happy with your positioning, click on „Laser“ in the upper left corner to access Laser Parameters.

6. Laser parameter

Please select the material you have inserted. Next, each material has a range of supported colours and thicknesses which can be selected. Please don't feel confused, if the colour or thickness of your material is not listed - the values in this window are just default values and can be adjusted manually as needed. Simply select another colour or thickness which comes closest to your material, and then adjust the laser parameters accordingly. 

Following articles will give you more in-depth information about laser parameters and materials.

7. Assign Colours

Depending on the material you are using, you can configure further settings. If you have used different colours in your design file, you can assign each one different parameters. By dragging the colour icon into the corresponding field, you can assign it to skip, engrave or cut.

8. Advanced Settings

Engraving: Laser Intensity Range describes the range of the gray levels displayed in an engraving, while Engraving Speed Range describes the speed at which gray values are engraved (the slower the speed, the darker the gray values are going to come out).

Cutting: Laser Intensity represents the power, Laser Speed the speed and Passes how many times the contour is cut. 

There are even more options under more advances settings at the bottom of the pop-up window. If you need more details about each laser parameter in particular, you might find this article useful.

Click on „Start“ to submit your laser job and send it to your Mr Beam.

9. Start

When you get notified please close the lid and press the button on your Mr Beam. Your Mr Beam will start executing the laserjob. 

Open the lid of your Mr Beam when you get the message "Laserjob ready!" If you would like to pause or cancel the laser job, click on the button on your Mr Beam. 


If there is a software update available, you will get a notification in the top right corner of the software. To start the software update, click on „Update now“. Your Mr Beam will install the software update automatically. You can also check for updates manually by clicking on settings > software update

Please note: Software updates are only available with an active internet connection or via a USB update tool