For rough placement of your designs, you can always move it directly with the mouse. However, sometimes it is necessary to place, move or adjust individual objects a little more precisely. In this article you will find some tips on how to adjust your design on the canvas the way you need it.

1. Align with millimeter precision using a template

Of course, the accuracy of a camera preview is always limited. So if you need it to be very precise, we recommend using a template that allows you to align your designs to millimeters. In this article we have explained how you can do the exact alignment.

2. Move more precisely with the arrow keys

Using the four arrow keys on your keyboard, you can move all the objects you have just selected (select as many objects as you want with Ctrl + click) in any direction.

  • If you just press the arrow keys, you move the objects by 2 mm. 
  • If you hold down the Alt key while doing this, you move the objects by 0.2 mm. 
  • If you press the Shift key while doing this, you move the objects by 20 mm.

3. Working with coordinates

As an alternative to the arrow keys, you can also work directly with the coordinates of the objects. You can type them directly in the "Designs" tab on the left.

Keep in mind that the coordinate zero point is located in the lower left corner. Therefore, the coordinate of the lower left corner is also specified for objects.

4. Quickly trim designs

The fastest and easiest way to crop designs is to create a rectangle with the Quickshape function. Set the fill color to white and remove the line color. If you now move it partially over your design, this part will not be edited.

You can also crop image files like PNG and JPG with image preprocessing.

5. Quickly group designs

The Mr Beam saves all your laser jobs in the design library under "Recent Jobs". These are then always grouped as one design, which you can split again if needed.

In addition, the "Last Jobs" folder also stores laser jobs that you started but then canceled before you pressed the button. This way you can easily group different objects at any time, so you don't have to reposition them each time.

6. Dividing designs

You also have the option of splitting your designs directly in the software if they consist of several elements. You will find this function by the three lines at the bottom right of each design. You can split by line colour, in shapes, vertically and horizontally.