Connection options with Mr Beam

There are three options to connect Mr Beam to your computer or tablet. Choosing the most

appropriate option depends on your personal usage preference and the network available at

the location Mr Beam is set up in. For more information you can simply click on the desired option.

Option A: Connection via Wi-Fi

Connect your computer directly to the Wi-Fi Access Point of your Mr Beam. This is the easiest

connection option. No internet access or network infrastructure is required. You may not be

able to use the Internet on your computer while you are connected to Mr Beam. 

Option B: Connection via network cable (Ethernet) and router

Connect Mr Beam to the network router using a cable. Then, use the service to

create a connection to your Mr Beam.

This option is particularly stable due to the cable connection. An internet connection is

necessary for the use of the service.

Option C: Connection via Wi-Fi and router

Connect your Mr Beam to your network via Wi-Fi. To do this, connect Mr Beam to your Wi-Fi

using the Wi-Fi-name and password. For initial setup, you need to connect via Option A or B

first. The initial setup may be a little complicated, but in the long term, this is the most com-

fortable option that many users prefer.