1. What is the point of adjusting the working height?

The higher the object, the closer it is to the camera in the protective cover of your Mr Beam. This can affect the accuracy even from small object heights. 

Therefore, by adjusting the working height, the preview of the camera image in BeamOS is adjusted. This makes it much more accurate and you can see what your design will look like before you laser it. You can find more information about the camera in this article.

2. How do I determine the working height?

The working height is made up of several aspects. Of course, the second and third points do not necessarily have to be given in the following:

  • Height of the object (How high is the object that lies in the Mr Beam → see "3. How do I determine the height of my object").
  • Height of the cutting aid (Cutting Sti[x]: 10 mm, cutting mat: 10 mm, magnets, magnetic clips,...)
  • Mr Beam Height Extension (If you have installed the Height Extension, you must subtract 30 mm from the object height to set the working height).

In the following you will find two calculation examples:

  • Height of the object: 18 mm 
  • Cutting aid: Cutting Sti[x] = 10 mm

Total working height: 28 mm

  • Height of the object: 44 mm
  • Height Extension: -30 mm

Total working height: 14 mm

3. How do I determine the height of my object?

Of course, you can measure your materials in whatever way is easiest for you. However, with the Mr Beam focus tool, the measurement is very easy. 

  • If you have not installed a height extension or use the cutting frame with Sti[x], you can read it directly from the focus tool. Then, if necessary, you only have to add the height of your cutting aid.
  • If you have installed the Height Extension, you can directly read off the working height with the Extended Focus Tool, which you can then enter in the BeamOS. You do not necessarily need the height of the object here.
Without Height Extension (Height of the object here: 18 mm)With Height Extension: (Working height here: 14 mm)

4. How do I set the working height correctly?

In the Mr Beam software BeamOS you can adjust the height of your object including the above mentioned factors with a slider in the upper left corner under the tab "Working height".