We now have a whole host of accessories and upgrade options in our range at Mr Beam. This article is a detailed guide to which upgrade is best suited for which application.

1. Laser heads

From the Mr Beam II dreamcut model onwards, the laser heads can be interchanged as required. Only the dreamcut [x] requires the use of an extra power supply unit. You can find out exactly how to recognise which model you have in this article.

1.1 dreamcut [S]

The dreamcut [S] laser head is ideal for beginners in the field of laser cutting. It can be used to cut most materials and the engraving is super accurate. For even faster cutting results and processing thicker materials, however, its big brother, the dreamcut [x], is even better suited.

1.2 dreamcut [x]

The dreamcut [x] laser head with 10W power is a cutting expert. Thanks to the increased power together with the dreamcut Air Assist, it can cut materials particularly quickly and up to a thicker thickness. With poplar plywood, for example, 8-10 mm is possible without any problems. An upgrade is therefore particularly worthwhile in order to save time and have more options. 

You can find more detailed information on the dreamcut [x] in this article.

2. Air Filter System

The Mr Beam Air Filter System is very important for operating a Mr Beam laser cutter. Although you can also work with a simple fan that carries the exhaust gases outside, this is more harmful to the environment and less efficient. 

2.1 Which Air Filter System?

In our range, you have the choice between the Air Filter II and Air Filter III. Both systems basically work in the same way, but the Air Filter III is even more durable and long-lasting. You can find out exactly what the differences are and which one you should ultimately choose in this article.

2.2 Air Filter Controller

The Air Filter Controller is a special gadget in our shop. It is not intended for users of a Mr Beam laser cutter. It can be used to control the Air Filter System manually and thus as an extraction system for other laser cutters, soldering stations or 3D printers. This is not necessary when used with the Mr Beam, as it intelligently controls how strongly the extraction works.

3. Accessories

In addition to the laser head and suction unit, we also offer a range of accessories that open up new possibilities or simply make your work easier.

3.1 Sti[x] and magnetic clips

The dreamcut airflow allows you to minimise smoke marks on the upper side when cutting materials. With the help of the Mr Beam Cutting Sti[x], the underside is now also freed of residues from material combustion. In addition, the cut through the material is more even and therefore more reliable. The magnetic clips have a similar effect, but you can also use them to hold your materials in place.

3.2 Height Extension and Cutting Frame

At 38 mm, the standard version of the Mr Beam already has an outstanding maximum height. By using the Mr Beam Height Extension, however, this can be extended by a further 30 mm. This gives your Mr Beam a maximum object height of 68 mm. With the help of the cutting frame and the inserted Sti[x], however, you can continue to cut and engrave at the usual height.

You can find more detailed information on the height extension in this article.

3.3 Transport case

To ensure complete portability, we offer the Mr Beam transport case. The Mr Beam can be easily stored in it and secured for transport. Thanks to the wheels on the underside, you don't even have to carry it, but can simply pull it from A to B. 

You can find more detailed information about the transport case in this article.

3.4 Ribbon cable protector

The ribbon cable protector serves as a replaceable connector between the laser head and the ribbon cable. It always remains on the ribbon cable when the laser head is removed.  This protects the silver pins of the ribbon cable as they no longer need to be plugged in or unplugged. If the ribbon cable protector does break, it can be easily replaced without having to send in the entire device.

You can find more detailed information about the ribbon cable protector in this article.