1. What is the benefit of the ribbon cable protector?

The ribbon cable protector serves as a replaceable connector between the laser head and the ribbon cable. When the laser head is removed, it always remains on the ribbon cable

This protects the silver pins of the ribbon cable, as they no longer have to be unplugged or plugged in. Instead, the load is applied to the pins of the protector. If the pins break, you can easily replace the protector. Thus, you don't have to send in the Mr Beam to have the entire ribbon cable replaced.

2. How to connect the ribbon cable protector?

1. Open clips

  • Open the black clips on the ribbon cable and the laser head
Note: To do this, pull the clips out approx. 1 mm with your fingernails or carefully pry them open with a screwdriver.

2. Connect ribbon cable protector

  • Connect the ribbon cable to the protector. The pins of both connectors must point upwards.
  • Close the black clip of the protector.
  • Plug the ribbon cable into the laser head with the pins of the protector facing upwards.
  • Close the clip of the laser head.

3. How do I make sure the ribbon cable protector does not break?

The pins of the ribbon cable protector ensure that the laser head can be supplied with the necessary power and information. If any of these pins are bent or broken, it can cause the entire laser cutter to malfunction and fail. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all of these pins are in good condition. If you pay attention to the following points, the ribbon cable protector will last longer:

  • Always open the clips to plug or unplug the connector.
  • Make sure that the pins are clean when plugging in.
  • Insert the plug carefully. If you feel resistance, check that none of the pins are bent.