The Mr Beam is already one of the lightest laser cutters on the market. Still, it's handy to be able to transport your device from A to B more easily without breaking it. With the Mr Beam transport case, your Mr Beam can be packed comfortably together with the exhaust air hose. With the help of the wheels and the extendable handle on top, time-consuming carrying around is history.

Multiple buckle closures and ample padding in the case ensure transport safety.

In this article you will learn how to store your Mr Beam in the transport case and how to get it out again.

1. Stow Mr Beam in transportcase

1.1 Turn off Mr Beam

Shut down the Mr Beam completely, remove the key and remove all cables and the exhaust air hose from the housing.

1.2 Prepare Mr Beam

  • Pull the guide rail slightly forward and place the laser head holder in the center. 
  • Unscrew the laser head so that it can be stored separately later.
  • Then place the small piece of foam behind the guide rail so that it can be lowered into the small notch. Carefully press the ribbon cable together with the guide chain down a little so that they do not get caught on the foam.

  • Then insert the large foam piece. Be careful not to squeeze any of the moving parts.

    You can now place the laser head, the elbow of the exhaust air hose, the power supply, the focus tool and other small parts, such as the screws of the elbow, in this foam piece.

1.3 Place the exhaust air hose in the case

Place the exhaust air hose in the bottom of the transport case. Roll it up for this purpose.

1.4 Insert Mr Beam into the case

  • Insert your Mr Beam with the hinges on the same side as the case hinges.
Note: If you have the latest version of the case, you can also store the Mr Beam in the case with the Height Extension installed. You can recognize the newest version by the fact that it has 2 buckles on each of the 3 sides of the case.
  • Then close the case with all the buckles and the case is ready to go.

2. Get Mr Beam out of the case

Basically, you unpack the suitcase in the opposite order that you packed it.

  • Remove the Mr Beam.
  • Remove all small parts from the recesses in the foam.
  • Remove the two foam parts.
  • Screw on the laser head.
  • Connect all cables and the exhaust hose.
  • Then you can put your Mr Beam back into operation as usual.