Over the last few years, we have consistently developed the Mr Beam laser cutter and brought new models onto the market. Nevertheless, it is of course important not to drop older models, which is why we continue to support them. Today you can only buy the Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] and [x]. In this article, we explain how to recognise which version of the Mr Beam you are looking at.

1. Mr Beam II

You can easily recognise a Mr Beam II by the fact that it has no air assist. This means that there is no dreamcut tube built into the laser head, instead the laser head is simply connected using the ribbon cable. This makes the Mr Beam II the only device where the housing differs significantly from the others. Unfortunately, a Mr Beam II cannot be upgraded to a newer laser head as there is no dreamcut tube running through the housing.

In addition, there is no letter on the front panel of the laser head and the laser head consists of two silver radiator halves with a fan that sits straight that covers almost the entire thickness of the laser head.

2. Mr Beam II dreamcut und höher

From the Mr Beam II dreamcut model onwards, the housing is almost identical to newer models. This means that the laser heads can be exchanged or upgraded as required. It is therefore no longer possible to recognise directly from the housing which variant or laser head is actually in the housing. Only the labelling on the front of the housing shows you which laser head is installed, as long as you keep it up to date when upgrading.

In contrast to the Mr Beam II, each of the following laser heads has the dreamcut tube installed to improve the cutting performance.

2.1 dreamcut

The dreamcut laser head basically has a similar design to the laser head of the Mr Beam II. It has the same large fan, the same radiator halves, the same white front panel and the same positioning of the components. 

However, additional cooling fins are installed on the circuit board of the dreamcut head. Of course, the dreamcut tube can also be found in the laser head.

2.2 dreamcut [S]

The entire structure of this laser head has been redesigned. The front panel has a milled [S] in the top right-hand corner and ventilation slots on the underside. 

If this has been accidentally swapped, the differences can also be recognised inside (the correct front panel should also be fitted!). Firstly, the dreamcut [S] has an additional, third screw on the back in the bottom right-hand corner. Secondly, there is a thin, angled fan inside and the laser diode itself has moved to the bottom just before it exits.

2.3 dreamcut [x]

The dreamcut [x] has also been fundamentally changed again. The front panel now has even more ventilation slots and an [x] symbol in the top right-hand corner.The laser head consists of just one, now black, cooler and the laser diode is firmly screwed into it. However, there is still a thin, angled fan in the housing. In addition, a small nozzle is installed at the bottom of the laser beam outlet to focus the air flow and thus make it even more efficient.

In this article, we explain the general benefits of upgrading to the dreamcut [x].