1. What are the benefits of the Mr Beam Height Extension?

With the built-in Mr Beam Height Extension, you can increase the working height of your Mr Beam from 38 mm to 68 mm! This allows you to work on significantly higher objects and the housing is still completely sealed with metal.

With the help of the enclosed Cutting Frame, you can then easily cut and engrave at the same height as before if you want to work on thinner objects. It also gives you all the advantages of the Sti[x] without losing 10mm in height.

2. What do I get when I buy a Height Extension?

Of course, not only the Height Extension is included in the scope of delivery, but also a whole lot of accessories:

  • 14x screws (+2x spare screws)
  • Torx 8 screwdriver
  • Extended Focus tool (High-quality focus tool with working height gauge, more detailed information on working height can be found in this article)
  • Cutting Frame
  • 9x Sti[x]

3. How do I install the Height Extension?

1. Tape the lid of the Mr Beam to the housing with an easily removable adhesive tape.

2. Place your Mr Beam with the lid down on a soft surface, such as a towel. This protects the lid from scratches.

3. Unscrew all 14 screws of the original floor.

4. Put on work gloves.

5. Remove the base including the grid base. Then store it together with the screws in the Height Extension packaging so that nothing gets lost and no one can cut themselves on the grid bottom.

6. Attach the Height Extension to the housing the right way round (The recesses on the Height Extension must follow the hand grips of Mr Beam and all screw holes must match).

7. Now screw in all 14 screws, but do not tighten them until you have already screwed them all in a little.

4. How do I put the Sti[x] in the Cutting Frame?

1. Place the Sti[x] in the desired position so that one end slips into the recess of the Cutting Frame.

2. Lift the Sti[x] a little and then push them against the cutting frame so that they do not get caught on the small elevation.

3. Place the second end of the Sti[x] on the bottom edge of the Cutting Frame.

4. Centre the Sti[x] in the Cutting Frame. Due to the small elevation on both sides, the Sti[x] are now secured against moving by themselves.

5. Repeat this process for any number of Sti[x].

You can then place the completely filled Cutting Frame in the Mr Beam with the built-in Height Extension. Then you can cut or engrave thinner objects as usual with normal focusing.

To remove the Sti[x], lift it slightly at one end and push it against the Cutting Frame at this end. Then remove the Sti[x] at the opposite end.

5. Tips for cleaning the Cutting Frame

  • You can easily remove the bottom of the cutting frame.
    • First remove all the sti[x] and then turn the cutting frame over.
    • Now pull the bottom of the cutting frame slightly upwards at the round recess and then push it out over the edge of the cutting frame.
    • Push it until the widened parts of the bottom slip out of the recesses of the Cutting Frame and you are holding the bottom in your hands.
    • Then you can easily empty out all the leftover material and reinstall the bottom in reverse order.
  • Both the Sti[x] and the Cutting Frame can be easily cleaned with damp cleaning cloths such as Ultra Grime.

6. Who can use the Height Extension?

The Mr Beam Height Extension is compatible with all Mr Beam II models:

  • Mr Beam II
  • Mr Beam II dreamcut
  • Mr Beam II dreamcut [S]
  • Mr Beam II dreamcut [x]

More useful information in video form (German):