Mr Beam can be used entirely offline. One of the options to connect your computer with Mr Beam is through the WiFi hotspot created by your Mr Beam device when it is switched on. (For further options for connection please read this article.)

This means that Mr Beam can be used in places without internet access, e.g. at schools or libraries, in the garage or cellar, at a fair or an open-air event, etc.

However, there are some features, that do require internet access:

  • find.mr-beam service for a convenient connection. But you can also connect your computer to your Mr Beam without using this service, and thus, without internet.  
By the way: while using the find.mr-beam service, you only need the internet while your computer is connecting with your Mr Beam. Once the connection is established, your devices will be communicating via local network, not via internet.
  • regular software updates: we recommend to run software updates at least every 6 months. In case you don't have internet access, you can run an update with a USB-Stick. 

In general, we recommend to connect your Mr Beam with internet, in case you have this option. This way you are making sure to having access to all features.