We created find.mr-beam.org as an online service to help you to you find your Mr Beam device on your computer within your local network. Please keep in mind that the find.mr-beam service requires an active Internet connection.

Are you having problems with finding your Mr Beam?

First of all check the Status Lights of your Mr Beam.  The orange breathing lights mean that your Mr Beam was able to successfully register at the find.mr-beam server. If no results are shown, please try again by refreshing the page.

If your Mr Beam is not breathing orange, please check article: Mr Beam Status Lights tell you how to connect.

Depending on your specific network configuration it is sometimes technically not possible to connect your device via find.mr-beam service. In this case we recommend to follow the steps the Connection Troubleshooting Guide and once connected to disable the find.mr-beam service in the Mr Beam settings.