The Mr Beam arrives fully assembled, calibrated, and ready to use. All you need for the first laser job is a computer and a pre-installed Google Chrome. Your Mr Beam is set up in four easy steps:

1. Unpack your Mr Beam. 

2. Set up your Mr Beam and your Mr Beam Air Filter (or Mr Beam Exhaust System). Mount the laser head.

3. Connect your Mr Beam with your computer.

4. Create and complete your first laser job!

Your Mr Beam comes with a cardboard sample, the software contains a few graphic designs, so no extras are required for the first tryouts.

You can use the integrated Quick Shapes to edit your own projects or you can use a program such as Inkscape (free), Illustrator or Corel Draw to create SVG files. Engraving is even easier: While your SVG file would work as well, you could simply use any photo-file and engrave it on the chosen material. Check out our guide to choosing the write file format for laser cutting.  

You will be able to access the BeamOS through your Google Chrome browser, once you have set up a connection between your Mr Beam and your computer. If you don't have internet access, do not worry - you can use your Mr Beam offline!

Please find more details in our Quickstart Guide or in our YouTube Channel video which can also be found below: