The upgrade to BeamOS 2.0 is not like any other update. It changes the entire structure of BeamOS in the background, primarily enhancing security and reliability. If you want more details about it, you can read this article.

Here, we will explain how you can upgrade your Mr Beam to BeamOS 2.0 and bring it up to the latest version. What may seem very complicated at first glance is actually quite simple because your Mr Beam takes care of most of it automatically. All you need for this are two USB sticks (You will receive the upgrade stick free of charge with a purchase in our store) and about 40 minutes of time.

Note: Devices purchased in 2024 or later already have BeamOS 2.0 pre-installed. If you are not sure which version is installed on your Mr Beam, you can check the current version of BeamOS under Settings > Software Update.

1. Update BeamOS 1

Ensure that your current BeamOS is on the latest update. To do this, go to Settings > Software Update > Check for Updates now (if your Mr Beam has an active internet connection). If an update is displayed, proceed with the update; otherwise, you can continue directly.

2. Backing up files

When upgrading to BeamOS 2.0, the entire software is rewritten to avoid errors and duplications. Therefore, both your Wi-Fi connections and your design files will be overwritten. However, you can easily backup your design files beforehand using a USB stick.

All other settings, such as your login credentials or saved material configurations, will remain unchanged.

Attention: Do not use the upgrade stick for data backup. Otherwise Mr Beam will start the upgrade and your design files will be lost.

Note: Requirements for the USB stick: at least 100 MB of free storage space, USB 2.0 compatible, and formatted in FAT32.

  • Insert the USB stick into your computer and ensure that no other .SIG file is present on it. 
  • Download the "Design Backup Stick" file from our download page and drag it onto the USB stick. 
  • Then, insert the USB stick into your Mr Beam. After a few seconds, the status lights on the Mr Beam will pulse white. 
  • After a short while, the lights will then turn green. This indicates that the backup is complete, and you can safely remove the USB stick.
  • Now insert your stick into your computer and drag your design files into any folder for storage.

3. Start upgrade

First make sure that no laser job is currently running on your Mr Beam. To start the upgrade, all you need to do is insert the Upgrade Stick into your Mr Beam. After a few seconds, the status lights of the Mr Beam will pulse white.

Note: Do not use the upgrade stick for any other files. All data will be deleted from the stick during the upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete, you can delete the files on it and use it for other things.

4. Upgradephases

This initiates the upgrade to BeamOS 2.0. During the three upgrade phases, your Mr Beam will restart multiple times, and generally, you don't need to do anything other than wait.

If it shuts down and doesn't restart on its own, press the button manually to start it. Usually, the update will then continue. If that is not the case (for example, if Mr Beam is blinking red in combination with other colors), please contact our support.

Attention: Under no circumstances should you turn off Mr Beam or remove the USB stick during the upgrade.

Note: If an error occurs during these phases, your Mr Beam will blink red in combination with another color. In these rare cases, please contact support and directly inform them of the colors in which your Mr Beam is blinking. This way, our support team will be promptly informed and can assist you as quickly as possible.

4.1 Phase 1

In this phase, the status lights on your Mr Beam will be white/blue. You can gauge the progress similarly to a laser job by observing the blue light "dripping down" and gradually illuminating the white LEDs. Meanwhile, your Mr Beam is being prepared for the upgrade, and your USB stick is checked for compatibility. This process takes approximately 25 minutes. Upon successful completion of this phase, the Mr Beam will briefly blink blue-green. It will then restart and proceed to Phase 2.

4.2 Phase 2

Now, the status lights are white/orange, and once again, you can track the progress by observing the lights. In this phase, the operating system is overwritten, and everything is configured for you. This process takes approximately 15 minutes. After successfully completing this phase, the Mr Beam will briefly blink orange-green. It will then restart and proceed to Phase 3. 

4.3 Phase 3

In the final phase, Mr Beam starts for the first time with your brand-new BeamOS 2.0. During the lilac blinking, some final configuration steps are completed. After a subsequent, last restart, your Mr Beam typically pulsates green, or otherwise orange if you have connected your Ethernet cable.

5. Finalize and remove stick

The upgrade is now complete. You can remove the USB stick and regain access to your Mr Beam.

If your Mr Beam pulses green, it has set up a Wi-Fi access point to which you can connect your computer. You can then reach your Mr Beam directly via the IP address and then set up your home Wi-Fi. You can find more information about the connection in this article.

If you are using an Ethernet cable, you can connect directly via instead.

Note: If the Software doesn't load, a hard refresh can help (Command + Shift + R/Control + Shift + R)

The last step is to upload your design files to the software as usual. Now, everything is ready, and you can start lasering again. Enjoy your new BeamOS!