What changes for me?

With the new Beam OS 2.0 upgrade, you are perfectly prepared for the future. The biggest changes happen in the background, which makes the entire system much more secure than before. This makes it easier for us to implement new features in the future and to better ensure that everything runs error-free.

Note: You can find out how to upgrade to BeamOS 2 in this article.

Below you will find the most important changes from which you will benefit directly:

  • The update process has been improved. You now always see live what is happening and what to do next.
  • Small software updates that only contain a few bug fixes, for example, are carried out in the background so that you no longer have to worry about them.
  • Revised UI: The design panel (left column) has been revised so that you can customise and add your designs more easily.
  • New Quickshapes: You can now choose from a range of new shapes, all of which can also be customised.
  • Quick QR Code: QR codes with various functionalities can be generated directly in BeamOS.
  • Custom Fonts: From now on you can use your own fonts in BeamOS. You can find more detailed information in this article.
  • Emojis: Choose from the familiar emojis in the quick text function and personalise your laser results even more!
  • Shortcuts: Now use CTRL+A (Select all) and CTRL+V (Paste from clipboard) and select several design objects with the mouse (lasso selection).
  • Rotary-Mode: The Mr Beam recognises when you insert your Rotary into the Mr Beam and then activates Rotary mode. In this mode, designs can be easily placed on the work surface and the material settings are adjusted accordingly. You can find more detailed information in this article.
  • From now on, there will no longer be a beta channel. Instead, we now have selected testers so that you receive mature updates right from the start.

Note: Please note that from now on you must press the button for approx. 2 seconds so that your Mr Beam starts up. This is to avoid incorrect entries.