We recommend to regularly vacuum out the inside of the housing with a handheld vacuum cleaner so that as little dirt as possible can hinder the work of the laser. It also makes sense to always use a cutting mat (dreamcut [S] and lower) or the Mr Beam Sti[x] (dreamcut [x]) when cutting materials. You can buy the mat and the Sti[x] at a low price in our shop. If you follow these two recommendations, direct cleaning of the base plate is rarely necessary.

If you do have to clean the bottom, the following is a step-by-step guide to clean it. Wear gloves throughout the process to avoid injury.

1. Shut down Mr Beam 

Shut down the Mr Beam and turn the key to turn it off. Then remove the ventilation hose and all other connections to the Mr Beam.

2. Loosen screws 

Place a cloth on a stable table to avoid scratches. Then place the Mr Beam with the front side surface on it. First, mark the orientation of the plate with a piece of tape, for example. Now unscrew all screws of the bottom plate with a 2mm Allen key.

3. Remove the base plate and grid bottom

Then carefully remove first the bottom plate and then the grid bottom.

4. Cleaning

Then clean both parts with mild soapy water or commercially available washing-up liquid. Resin solvent is suitable for particularly stubborn dirt. Please do not use aggressive cleaning agents or those containing chlorine.

Also clean your Cutting Sti[x]. Please do not use a resin solvent to avoid damaging the surface of the Sti[x].

5. Gehäuse wieder zusammenbauen

Reassemble the case in reverse order after cleaning. Pay attention that the base plate is correctly aligned with the help of the tape markings.  Make sure that all screws are tightened again. The Mr Beam may only be used when fully assembled.

For more information on the Mr Beam cleaning overview, check out this article.