1. General maintenance:  

We recommend keeping the working area of Mr Beam clean, otherwise dirt particles get blown around during every laser job which can affect your laser result. A small vacuum cleaner might be handy for cleaning, but a cleaning rag and glas cleaner are also sufficient. Get more tips in our cleaning guide video

2. Laser head cleaning:
The dirt residue resulting from cutting and engraving all materials gets inside the laser head and sticks to the laser lens. This is why the laser head should be cleaned after approx. 100h of service. 

Find out how to clean your laser head correctly in this tutorial, and what to pay attention to.

Tip: You can track the laser working hours in the Mr Beam Software under Settings>Maintenance. Additionally, you will get a notification once cleaning is due. If you have just cleaned your laser head, please keep in mind to reset the hours counter in the settings! 

3. Air Filter System and Filter Replacement
Mr Beam Air Filter System consists of the main filter and a pre-filter. It depends a lot on the materials you laser cut and engrave how often you actually need to replace your filter. If you work a lot with leather, wood or paper, we recommend to replace it more regularly, than if you are working with acrylic, felt or foam rubber. For more information please check our article "Air filter system and how to change a filter".

Also, we've added video instructions on how to change your Mr Beam filter: 

Tip: You can track the status of your main filter and pre-filter in the Mr Beam Software under settings>maintenance. If you have just replaced any of your filters, please keep in mind to reset the counter in the settings!

4. Taking care of leading axle and wearing parts: 

The laser diode has a life-span of approx. 10.000 working hours. After that there is a possibility to get a new laser head.

For a long-lasting smooth gliding, the leading axle of the Mr Beam needs to be cleaned every now and then. In addition, Mr Beam II needs to be oiled (not Mr Beam dreamcut). You can also take out the base plate and clean it.

Please find more information about this topic in the following article

5. NEW! Mr Beam Inspection:

We now offer a professional Mr Beam Inspection at our office, and a Mr Beam Inspection inkl. Filter changing !