Each individual laser job is converted into a GCode file in the preparation phase, which is then executed by the Mr Beam's control logic. If many GCode files are stored on a Mr Beam, this can affect the performance of your laser cutter. Therefore, GCode files that are no longer needed should be deleted regularly.

This article describes how you can delete GCode files from your Mr Beam.

There are two different ways to delete GCode files.

1. Delete many GCode files

If you only want to remove some, but not all, of the GCode files from your Mr Beam, this is the recommended procedure.

  1. Go to the design library
  2. Select "GCode files" on the left side under Filter to display GCode files.
  3. Point with the mouse cursor at a GCode file you want to delete, and a red box will appear in the GCode preview. Click the box to select that GCode file.
  4. Repeat step 3 with other GCode files that you want to delete.
  5. Click on the "Delete Selection" button in the upper left corner to permanently delete the selected GCode files from your Mr Beam. You can check the summary of the files you want to delete before clicking the "Clear Selection" button.

2. Delete all GCode files

This way you delete all GCode files from your Mr Beam. This procedure is especially recommended for users who do not (consciously) use the GCode files.

  1. Download the attached file and use the included .SIG file.
  2. Follow these instructions to run the .SIG file in your Mr Beam.
  3. When the .SIG file has been successfully executed (your Mr Beam will light green to confirm this), you can remove the stick. Now give Mr Beam some time to restart.
  4. Reload the Mr Beam page in your browser.