Does your laser head regularly pause for cooling?

You will only get this software message, when the laser head exceeds a certain temperature. It will then pause for 30 seconds for safety reasons. This should mostly be ok. However, if you are seeing this message very often, please check the following:

1. Is the laser head dirty and needs cleaning? Or have you put it back together incorrectly after cleaning?

It depends a lot on the materials you laser cut and engrave how often you actually need to clean your laser head. If you work a lot with leather, wood or paper, we recommend to clean your laser head more regularly, than if you are working with acrylic, felt or foam rubber. We have put together a tutorial on how to clean a laser head. This is also where you can double-check, whether you have put together your laser head correctly, as well as in this video on our YouTube-channel.

2. Does your air filter need to be changed? Following signs will help you to answer this question:

  • Are there fumes and sharp smells inside the devise housing of your Mr Beam?
  • Is the fan inside your Air Filter rotating faster, thus making a louder noise than usual? 
  • What filter status are you getting in the software? (Settings > Maintenance)

Step 1:

Please replace your pre-filter mat with a clean one. To do this, please unscrew the lid of your filter and lift it to remove it, then take out your pre-filter mat. The more often you change your pre-filter, the longer the main filter is going to serve you. You can order a pack of new pre-filters in our shop

Step 2:

If you don't experience any improvements, please replace your main filter. You can order a new filter in our shop

We have put together more information on the air filter system in this article.


Below is an extreme example to give you an impression, what a really dirty laser head or a used-up pre-filter might look like:

Photographs: courtesy of Euer Konstantin