Mr Beam Air Filter System has two filter parts, which need to be replaced from time to time:

1. a pre-filter (pre-filter mat) for rough particles, 

2. and a main filter consisting of a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.


    1.            2.

It depends a lot on the materials you laser cut and engrave how often you actually need to replace your filter. If you work a lot with leather, wood or paper, we recommend to replace it more regularly, than if you are working with acrylic, felt or foam rubber

Does your air filter need to be changed? Following signs will help you to answer this question:

  • Are there fumes and sharp smells inside the devise housing of your Mr Beam?
  • Is the fan inside your Air Filter rotating faster, thus making a louder noise than usual? 
  • What filter status are you getting in the software? (Settings > Maintenance)

Step 1:

Please replace your pre-filter mat with a clean one. You can order a new filter in our shopPlease unscrew the lid of your filter and lift it to remove it, then take out your pre-filter mat. Place a new filter mat with the wooly side facing upwards. Make sure the new mat covers the entire surface of the filter cartridge. 

The more often you change your pre-filter, the longer the main filter is going to serve you. 

Step 2

If you don't experience any improvements, please replace your main filter.

You can order a new filter in our shop

Please find more details about air filter and how to change it in this manual.

Tip: Both the pre-filter mat and the main filter should be disposed in the general waste / household waste.

Below is an extreme example to give you an impression, what a used-up pre-filter might look like: