The corner calibration is generally required if one of the pink markers has been removed, or if there is a bigger deviation between the screen picture and the laser result. It relies on the four pink markers to successfully calibrate the camera.

1. When do I need to calibrate the camera?

A new calibration of the camera is only necessary:

  • If one of the pink markers has been changed. (For example, if the mark was peeled off and glued in place again.) 
  • If you notice a larger deviation between the screen position on the adjusted (black-and-white image) and the laser result.
  • After a laser head cleaning or replacement.

When switched on and with an open lid, Mr Beam should display a black and white image of the working area. This image is suitable for camera based positioning of your designs, but a slight offset of up to +/- 5mm should be tolerated. If you see blinking pink circle markers in the corners of the working area, camera positioning might not be very accurate. In this case we recommend looking at solutions suggested in the following article.

2. How do I calibrate the camera?

If you really need to calibrate the camera, go to Settings>Camera, scroll down to Corner Calibration, click on the "Start" button and follow the instructions there.  Please use for the engraving a piece of cardboard or felt.

After you have engraved four arrows in one of the steps for the corner calibration, click on the tip of each of the four arrows as precisely as possible.  

If you have questions or problems with the calibration please contact our support team or click on Support button in the bottom left corner as seen on the picture above.