Your Mr Beam's camera is factory calibrated by default, so there is normally no need to calibrate the camera. If you are experiencing problems with the camera or with the preview image of the working area in the software, we recommend having a look at the following troubleshooting article.

A new calibration of the camera is only necessary if:

  • One of the pink markings has been changed. (For example, if the mark was peeled off and glued in place again.) 

  • You notice a larger deviation between the screen position on the adjusted (black-and-white image) and the laser result.

Usually, Mr Beam II displays a black and white image of the working area. This image is suitable for camera based positioning of the designs, but a slight offset of up to +/- 5mm should be tolerated. (See article about Manual Positioning)

However, if Mr Beam II can not calibrate the image, it will output a color image showing not just the working area but the entire interior of the laser cutter. In this case positioning based on the image is not possible or very inaccurate. Most likely, the camera can not find or recognize the pink marks in the device, e.g. in case of unfavorable lighting or if one or more of the markings are covered.


In this case go to Settings, klick on Camera Calibration and follow the instructions there.

If you have questions or problems with the calibration please contact our support team.