1. When does this message appear?

This message is displayed when your Mr Beam can no longer detect the laser head. In most cases, this is an error in the connection between the laser head and the Mr Beam.

2. What can you do about it?

Please check the following points when the power is off:

  • If you plugged in the laser head after the Mr Beam has been booted, this error may occur. Restart the Mr Beam and always plug in the laser head in a de-energized state in the future to avoid damage.
  • Check whether the ribbon cable is plugged into the laser head the wrong way round. The pins must always point upwards when plugged in. You can read more about how to connect the ribbon cable correctly in this article.
  • Check the pins of the ribbon cable and the black clip that attaches the ribbon cable to the laser head. You can find out what to look out for in this article.

If you have fixed all these errors, the message should no longer appear when booting Mr Beam. However, if it still appears, please contact our support by creating a ticket.