Important: Always switch off the device before moving or disconnecting the cable.

Step 1: On the back of the laser head you will find a black clamp which holds the white cable in place. Squeeze it gently on both sides and slightly pull it 2-3 mm to the front. Unplug the white cable on the back of the laser head by gently pulling it out.

Step 2: To reconnect the laser head plug the white cable back into the black bracket of the laser head. 

Make sure the white cable slides in evenly, and the pin connectors go inside the bracket all the way. The pin connectors on the cable must look upwards!

Step 3: Press the black bracket back in place.

Step 4: Put the transparent tube on the copper tube.

This is how it should look like when the laser head is plugged in correctly:

Step 5: Afterwards you can switch the device on again and connect to it.