For some time now, Mr Beam has offered the option of engraving black anodized aluminum. The laser removes the anodized aluminum so that the metallic look underneath reappears. Until now, however, this remained the only way to process metals with the Mr Beam.

Engrave on stainless steel with the Mark Solid Spray

With the stainless steel spray by Mark Solid in our store, however, there is now a new way to process metal. As the name suggests, the application is intended for stainless steel, so lasering with it only works on uncoated stainless steel elements. Basically, you only have to spray the product with the spray, let it dry and then you can process it with the Mr Beam. Unlike anodized aluminum, however, there is no material removal, but it ends up being a solid coating, more similar to an enamel finish on the stainless steel. Nevertheless, there are a few steps that must be followed. You will find them in the following sections.

1. Safety precautions when using the spray

As with all sprays, it is unhealthy to get residue from them into your respiratory tract or eyes. Therefore, you should definitely go outside or into a room with professional extraction for the spraying process.

For further protection, you should wear a respirator with an activated carbon filter, safety goggles and, ideally, gloves.

2. Use of the spray

Before you can start spraying, you should degrease your stainless steel object. This will ultimately improve the laser result.

If you have observed all safety aspects, you can start. You don't necessarily need to cover the entire object, but only the areas where you want to laser later. Don't make the edges too tight, though, so you don't risk the laser hitting the bare stainless steel. The reflection of the laser light could otherwise damage the laser head. Spray approximately 10-30 cm away from the stainless steel.

3. Laser preparation and lasing

When the spray is completely dry, you can proceed by placing the stainless steel piece into your Mr Beam. Then place your desired design on it in the software and focus the laser head as accurately as possible. Also, don't forget to set the object height in the software so that the preview is as accurate as possible. If you want it to be even more precise, you can align your workpiece to the millimeter beforehand. You can read more about how to do this in this article.

Then click on "Laser" and select the settings for engraving stainless steel. For the best results, you should activate the advanced settings and then reduce the line spacing to 0.1 mm. Of course, the laser process will then take a little longer.

Then the laser process can start!

When the laser process is complete, you only need to wash the stainless steel piece with some dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner to remove the remaining spray.

Additional information

  • The laser result is dishwasher safe. You don't have to worry about the engraving disappearing in the process.
  • Avoid direct contact of the finished engraving with food.
  • The processing only works with the Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] and dreamcut [x]. Only this laser head has the necessary focusing of the laser beam to deliver perfect results.