1. Why do gas compression springs lose pressure?

The gas compression springs are wearing parts that have to be replaced from time to time. It is therefore quite normal for them to lose some of their pressure over the years. This occurs more quickly if the protective lid of the Mr Beam is carelessly opened and closed quickly.

If the springs no longer hold the lid in place, you can easily order new springs in our accessories store to replace them.

2. How to replace gas compression springs?

Please replace the springs one by one, one after the other, so that the lid remains in the correct position. The protective lid mustn't be opened further than it normally is.

1. Unscrew old spring

  • Unscrew the old spring from the ball joint at the upper end first. Then do the same at the lower end.
  • You can continue to use the two ball joints as long as they are not damaged. If this is the case, you can carefully unscrew them using an spanner. Be careful not to scratch the sensitive protective cover.

2. Insert new spring and screw tight

  • Screw the new spring onto the lower ball joint first. Turn the thin rod to really tighten it.
  • Then screw the spring onto the upper ball joint. Turn the thick part of the spring and hold the thin part so that it does not come out again.
  • Finally, check again that the spring is really properly seated. Especially at the lower ball joint, it is possible that you have accidentally unscrewed it a bit

We also have a short video on YouTube showing you how the exchange works: