If your laser results are not exactly what the preview shows, it could be due to several factors. In this article you will find the most common possibilities and what you can do about them.

1. Set working height

In most cases, too high an offset is due to a lack of working height adjustment. Already from a working height of 3 mm, the preview image deviates from the actual laser result.

The offset can be easily corrected by setting the correct working height in the Mr Beam software. This setting, like most, can be found in the left panel. There you can either adjust the slider or enter a number directly.

The maximum height that the Mr Beam can laser with the original base is 38 mm. With the Mr Beam Height Extension you can extend the maximum height to 68 mm. However, the adjustable working height remains at 38 mm because the Height Extension extends the housing downwards. For more information on how to calculate and adjust the working height, see this article.

Important: Don't forget to include the height of the cutting mat oder Sti[x] of approx. 10 mm in the working height, if you use it.

2. Focus laser head

Don't forget to also focus the laser head to the working height. You can read more about how this works in this article.

3. More accurate camera preview in the centre of the working area

You should also be aware that the camera preview is more accurate when you laser in the centre of the working area, as the camera is also placed in the centre of Mr Beam.

4. Camera calibration

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to perform a camera calibration. This article explains when this is necessary and how it works. 

5. Align with millimetre precision

If you really need to be precise, you can also align your object with millimetre accuracy. You can find out how this works in this article.

If all these procedures have not led to the desired result, you can also contact our friendly support team. You can either create a ticket via this link, or click on the support button directly in the software and then submit the ticket via Help & Support.