There are many different types of paper and cardboard in various compositions and designs. Following paper and cardboard types are good for cutting or engraving with Mr Beam:

Laser cutting:
  • Photo paper
  • Cardboard (up to 5mm)
  • grey cardboard
  • packaging cardboard (single wave, double wave)

Product examples: 

Mr Beam lets you make precise architecture models, detailed pop-up books, wedding cards, cardboard sculptures, stencils, packaging, event decorations and much more! 

Tips for working with paper and cardboard:

  • Compressor: If you have Mr Beam dreamcut, you need to set the compressor in laser parameters in the software app to min when working with paper. This way you ensure that the cut parts and pieces of paper are not flying around within the working area and are not interfering with the laser beam.

  • Burned edge: To avoid too much burning on the edges, we recommend to laser at high speed and more laser intensity, than at slower speed (besides, it can be dangerous to laser paper at slow speed, as thin paper could catch fire this way).

  • Pierce time: If Mr Beam is not closing the shapes or lines completely, it could mean that more laser energy is required to pierce through this specific materials in the beginning of each line. This can be the case with very smooth or reflective paper types. If you are looking for more information on pierce time, have a look at this article.

  • Buckling: If your material is not lying particularly flat in the working area, you can press it down with the help of magnets. We recommend taking flat neodymium magnets, which are very strong. Please note that the magnets should not be higher than the laser head, so that the latter can still move freely above the working area.

Here is a selection of our videos with inspiring project on laser-cutting and engraving paper and cardboard with Mr Beam. For more educational and inspiring videos please visit our You-Tube Kanal, or scroll through the creations of Mr Beam users on instagram under #madewithmrbeam!