For initial setup, you need to first connect through either option A or B to get to the Welcome Dialog, where you can set up your Wi-Fi connection.

If you select Option A, connect your computer directly to the Wi-Fi Access Point of your Mr Beam. Afterwards enter the IP address in your Google Chrome browser.

If you have a cable, select Option B to connect Mr Beam to your router with the cable. Now use

the service to connect to your Mr Beam for the first time. 

Independently of the chosen option, Mr Beam will greet you with the Welcome Dialog

During the Welcome Dialog, you have the option of connecting your Mr Beam to your Wi-Fi. Click the Connect button that appears next to your Wi-Fi network name and then enter your Wi-Fi password.

Tip: A similar process is performed when registering a new smartphone in your Wi-Fi.

If you have selected the Option A for initial setup and are connected to the Mr Beam Access Point via Wi-Fi, Mr Beam will interrupt the Wi-Fi connection to your computer to connect to your wireless router. If successful, your Mr Beam will soon pulsate with orange lights and you can connect to the find.mrbeam service.

Caution: If this fails, e.g. because you entered an incorrect password, you will not receive an error message because you are no longer connected to your Mr Beam. In this case, you have to repeat the connection process of the Option A from the beginning.

If you have selected the Option B using a cable for initial setup, Mr Beam will tell you if the connection to your router was successful or not. If successful, you can now disconnect the network cable, use the Wi-Fi connection and use the service.

If you notice a slow connection while operating your Mr Beam, e.g. If the pictures of the camera do not load or load slowly, this is probably due to a poor Wi-Fi connection. In this case, try Option B (network cable and router).

Here is a short video in German on how to connect your Mr Beam with your computer: