Why does the laser head gets dirty in the first place and how do you know it is time to clean it? The dirt residue resulting from cutting and engraving all materials gets inside the laser head and sticks to the laser lens.   

Therefore, you should always pay attention to the maintenance indicator in the software, which reports when the laser head should be cleaned. You can also look its status up the software setting under "Maintenance". Please remember to set the counter back to 0%  once you have cleaned your laser head! Another indicator is a considerable decline in the cutting power of the laser. 

In our store we have a Cleaning Kit, so that you can clean the laser head optimally.

How often do you need to clean the laser head?

It depends on the materials you are mainly working with. For example, cutting wood produces a lot of dirt, meaning you will need to clean more often. 

In this tutorial we will show you how to clean the laser head and what to pay attention to. By the end of it you will be able to take the laser head of your Mr Beam apart, remove the dirt, assemble it, and put it back to work safely. And if you think it looks too complicated, you can still make use of our Mr Beam maintenance service. (Please click here for more details.)

*Please note that you should treat all parts very carefully while cleaning the laser head on your own, in order not to break anything.

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Do you have a Mr Beam II? Then this tutorial is for you.