To use your Mr Beam you have to log in with your access data (email address and password).

Note: To increase security, since BeamOS 2.0 you have to log in before the BeamOS starts.

Security Feature

This is a security feature to prevent people who know your Wi-Fi password, or unauthorized users from the Internet, from launching your Mr Beam II, potentially causing damage to the device or even a fire. This security feature can not be turned off.

Forgot Login

If you have forgotten your access data, please contact our support team by creating a new ticket and including the serial number of your Mr Beam! In most cases, we will send you a reset file and instructions for resetting your Mr Beam with a USB stick.

You can find the serial number on the silver sticker on the back of the device, marked as "S/N" or alternatively in the software under the tab "About this Mr Beam".