Status Lights 

Whether it is your first time setting up your Mr Beam or whether you have been connected to it many times, the Mr Beam Status Lights show you how you can connect to Mr Beam at the moment. For that, the status lights “breathe“ (pulsate up and down) in different colors.

The most important at a glance

If your Mr Beam pulses orange, it has an internet connection via wifi or a network cable. You can then reach him via

For more detailed information, see below.

When your Mr Beam pulses green, your Mr Beam has no internet connection. Instead, it creates a wifi access point that you can connect to. You can then reach him via

For more detailed information, see below.

Orange breathing:

If your Mr Beam is breathing orange, you can access your Mr Beam at

The Online-Service helps you find your Mr Beam on your computer within yourlocal network. Your Mr Beam can be found on, if it is on and connected to the local network (either via cable or Wi-Fi).

Depending on your specific network configuration it is still possible the your device can not be found via service. In this case please visit our Connection Troubleshooting Guide.

Tip: We recommend that you bookmark the website After selecting your Mr Beam, the software starts automatically.

Green breathing:

If your Mr Beam is breathing green, you can access your Mr Beam via the Wi-Fi Access Point.

On your computer, select the Wi-Fi network with the name of your Mr Beam: „MrBeam-XXXX“. 

XXXX stands for your specific device name, which is located on the back of your Mr Beam. The password for the Wi-Fi connection is: mrbeamsetup.

Enter the following IP address in your Google Chrome browser to load the web app:

Attention: In this setup your Mr Beam will not receive any software updates nor will our convenient connection service work.

Tip: During the initial setup, your Mr Beam will guide you through the Mr Beam Welcome Dialog. If you wish to do so, you can set up a Wi-Fi connection with the router there.

White Breathing:

If your Mr Beam is breathing white, you have several options to access your Mr Beam.

Mr Beam is connected to a network either via network cable or by Wi-Fi. However, it can not connect to the service, e.g. because there is no internet connection.

The connection options in this case depend on your computer operating system and your network configuration.

We recommend to visit our Connection Troubleshooting Guide to find possible solutions. 

Tip: A color pattern of green and white pulsing light appears when your Mr Beam Wi-FiAccess Point is active, your Mr Beam is connected by cable to the network router, and the service is not available. In this case, we recommend connecting directly to the Wi-Fi Access Point.

White on blue dripping Preparation laser job
Blue flashesWaiting for laser confirmation by pressing the button
Blue trickling on white

Implementation of laser job

Note: The larger the white part, the more advanced the laser job

Blue pulsating at the top, 

white at the bottom

White  Laser job completed
Note: It is recommended that you wait for the suction
Green Laser job completed, lid can be opened
Red flashesButton is held for shutdown
Fast red flashes Error
Red  Shutting down
Red/white flashes  Button pressed, no resulting action