This article will help you if there should be connection problems and you don't (anymore) know how to connect to your Mr Beam.

First, see what color your Mr Beam is breathing. 

This color shows what state Mr Beam is in and how you can connect with him. If you haven't paid attention to this color yet or are unsure what which color means, we recommend reading this article first: Mr Beam Status Lights tell you how to connect

If the procedures described there do not work, or if your Mr Beam only breathes white or shows constant white, we recommend trying the following steps.

In principle, the order of the solution steps is not decisive. 

We described the easy-to-follow steps first. However, if your Mr Beam breathes green, it makes sense to first try the steps described in 2. (connection via WLAN access point) and only then switch to point 1. (

1. First the easiest: Go to and check if you get connected to your Mr Beam in this way.
If your Mr Beam is pulsing orange, you should try first anyway. But even if your Mr Beam is not pulsing orange, you can try Especially because it's so easy.

  • After powering on, it may take 1-2 minutes for Mr Beam to be recognized by If the network configuration has been changed, it can take up to 5 minutes.

  • requires an active Internet connection: both Mr Beam and your computer must be connected to the Internet.

  • may not work with HTTPS. Make sure that you access unencrypted. Disable browser extensions that force encrypted HTTPS connections. Try opening in Chrome's incognito mode; In this mode, many browser extensions are deactivated.

  • works with the most common network configurations. However, this service may not be compatible with your specific network configuration.

2. Check if Mr Beam WiFi access point is active. 

  1. Search your computer or smartphone for a WiFi called "MrBeam-XXXX", where XXXX are placeholders. The exact name of your Mr Beam is identical to the WiFi name and is printed on the silver sticker on the back of the device.

  2. When you see the WiFi access point, connect to it. 

    • The password is: "mrbeamsetup". 

    • If you are connected to this WiFi access point, enter the following IP address in your Chrome browser:

  3. Good to know:
    • After turning on Mr Beam, it may take up to 3 minutes for the computer to recognize the WiFi access point. If necessary, try first to turn off the WiFi module on your computer and then on again, so you can be sure that your computer displays an up-to-date list of all WiFis.

    • Also make sure that your computer is in close proximity to Mr Beam. If this is difficult, you can also use a smartphone to test whether the Mr Beam WiFi access point is visible.

    • While your Mr Beam is providing the WiFi access point, it does not have an Internet connection, so it is not possible to install software updates. Also will not work. (Other IP addresses or local hostnames such as MrBeam-XXXX.local may work.) Your computer may not be connected to the Internet as long as you are connected to the WiFi access point of your Mr Beam.

3. Try to find your Mr Beam using common addresses/hostnames.

  1. Try to reach Mr Beam at the following addresses, always replacing XXXX with the specific name of your device found on the silver sticker on the back of your Mr Beam. 

  2. Make sure that you are not accidentally connected to the WiFi access point of your Mr Beam while trying the above addresses or

4. In Windows you might find Mr Beam in the “Network” section of Windows File Explorer, formerly called “My network Places”.

  1. Mr Beam is displayed here as "OctoPrint instance on…".

  2. Double-clicking on the Mr Beam entry will take you to the Mr Beam interface.

  3. Windows “Network” section is not be available in all Windows installations or might be disabled.

5. Identify the IP address of your Mr Beam.

  • Try to find the IP address of a Mr Beam with a LAN scanner program. We recommend the app "Fing" ( for Android and iOS, as it is reliable and easy to use. 

    1. After scanning your network with Fing, you should have one or more "Raspberry Pi" devices in the list. This device is probably your Mr Beam.

    2. See if you can reach your Mr Beam by entering the according IP address (e.g.: in the address bar of your Chrome browser and pressing Enter.

  • It is also possible to find out the IP address of a Mr Beam using one of our USB sticks. We have a separate article for this: Support Stick: ip_tool. If you have successfully used the IP tool via USB stick, you will find a new file on the USB stick that contains one or more IP addresses. Try to reach Mr Beam by entering these IP addresses one after the other into the address bar of your Chrome browser and pressing Enter

  • In general, it is important to know that IP addresses in a network usually change frequently. However many WiFi routers allow you to set that certain devices get always assigned to the same IP address. If you can only connect to your Mr Beam by using IP addresses, we recommend that you do this on the router.

  • If you have some basic understanding of computer networks you can also assign a static IP address to your Mr Beam using the aforementioned  "IP Tool (USB)". More information on how to do this can be found in this article: Support Stick: ip_tool

6. Try connecting Mr Beam to your router via cable.

  • If none of these steps have helped so far, please connect Mr Beam to your router using a network cable and repeat steps 1,3,4 and 5 (not step 2).

  • To be on the safe side, reboot Mr Beam after connecting the network cable and wait 1-2 minutes.

  • Make sure you do not accidentally plug the network cable into the Air Filter jack.

  • A direct cable connection between your computer and Mr Beam often doesn't work. 

If you continue facing issues with the connection, please don't hesitate to contact us by opening a new ticket.

To be able to help you please try to forward us, as many specific description of your problem as you can:.

  • What you have tried 

  • What was working or not working 

  • Screenshots for example with your Smartphone might be helpful for us