When you place a SVG design on the working area you may get some warning message like this:

"Unsupported elements in SVG: '#some_element_name'
The SVG file contains unsupported elements: '#some_element_name' These elements got removed"

1. Not an error message just a warning 

If your design file looks still good on the working area you can probably ignore this message.

2. The reason for this message

SVG files can contain a number of different elements. Most of these are very common and well supported by the Mr Beam. However there are a few pretty exotic SVG elements which are not supported yet. Furthermore most of the unsupported elements are proprietary elements added by specific graphic programs. For example we know a bunch of such elements created by Adobe Illustrator which are completely safe to ignore.

3. What to do if your design file looks corrupted

Your design does not look like it shoul, once imported onto the working area or in the laser result?

  • Check if your graphic program has configuration options for the graphic export. Try to convince your graphic program to export to a SVG dialect as plain and basic as possible. In Adobe Illustrator for example it’s important to not check the option “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities”

  • Try to change your graphic. There are always many roads that lead to Rome or many ways to get the same visual result. Often the name of the unsupported element indicates by what tool or function of you graphic program it was created. As a trial, remove the visual object or effect in question, safe the SVG under a new name, upload it again to Mr Beam II and place it on the working area. If the warning message doesn’t show this time, your on the right way. 

  • Create a support ticket including your SVG file and the exact warning message you get. The Mr Beam support team can have a look at it.