Positioning with the Mr Beam II camera is easy and quite accurate, sometimes though there might be a small deviation of up to +/- 5mm. If a laser job needs to be positioned really precisely, or if you are planning a small batch production, we recommend manual positioning

We have also put together a tutorial on how to position your workpiece accurately to the millimeter, which can be found here.

Option 1: 

Double-click on the working area to move the laser head to that position and then align your work material with the small arrow marks on the bottom of the front and left side of the laser head. You can also check if your design fits on your material as expected by moving the laser head along the edges of your design

Option 2: 

The highest precision you can get is by engraving a positioning aid on a masking tape (no PVC tape!), thus making your own stencil. This is how it works:

1. Put a piece of a masking tape on the working area inside your Mr Beam. 

2. Next, engrave a rectangle on the masking tape. It should be about the size of your work object. 

3. Now your material can be aligned with the engraved rectangle while you align your design with the rectangle quick shape on the screen. 

4. When starting the actual laser job, you do not need to delete the rectangle from the working area - simply drag it to "Skip" in the laser settings, so it will not be engraved again.

You can also use paper or cardboard instead of masking tape. Just make sure it fits the size of your material. Here is a video tutorial of the stencil method on our instagram channel (in German), taking a chopping board engraving as an example.

Alternatively, you can make a stencil out of foam. This is very useful if you are engraving a big amount of small or non-flat objects, e.g. clothes pegs or pencils for an event.