In the best case scenario, you will never need to pack your Mr Beam ready for shipping. However, there is always the case that you may want to send the laser cutter to us for support or just an inspection. Therefore, it is important to keep the original packaging of the Mr Beam and also the Air Filter System. It is not possible to send the two devices in third party packaging. If you have not kept the packaging, you can order it in our shop. In the following sections you will learn how to pack the Mr Beam and, if necessary, the Air Filter System correctly for shipping.

As an alternative to this article, you can also watch the video on our YouTube channel with English subtitles:

1. Switch off Mr Beam and Air Filter System and disconnect all connections

  • First shut down your Mr Beam and remove the key.
  • Then remove all cables from the Mr Beamand the Air Filter System:
    • Power cable
    • Air Filter connection cable
    • Network cable, if applicable

  • Then also remove the hose from both units. You don't have to send it unless the support team asks you to.

2. Prepare Mr Beam

Caution: Before carrying out the following steps, your Mr Beam must be disconnected from the power supply to avoid damage!
  • Now lift the axis into the middle of the housing. To do this, pull carefully on the axle itself or on the laser head holder.

  • Then unscrew the laser head and place it in the accessory box of your Mr Beam.
  • At this point at the latest, clean the housing so that the dirt is not distributed throughout the entire housing during transport.
  • Now use the enclosed pieces of cardboard to fix the axis. The longer of the two pieces of cardboard is passed under the axle. Insert the shorter one with its recesses from above into the recesses of the longer one, while the laser head holder sits in between.

  • Finally, clamp the small piece of foam between the motor and the housing. If you no longer have the original, any foam thick enough will do.

3. Insert your Mr Beam into the box

  • Now attach the transport lock to the right and left of Mr Beam so that it fits perfectly into the packaging.
  • Then you can insert it into the box in any orientation.

  • On one of the two sides there is still space for the accessory box that contains the laser head.

4. Insert the Air Filter System into the box

  • The transport locks must also be attached to the Air Filter System first. These are attached to the top and bottom of the housing.

  • Then you can also put this one in the box.

5. Send parcel

  • Now all you have to do is tape the two boxes shut and you're ready to post them!