If you regularly maintain your Mr Beam and the Air Filter System and use them as intended, the compressor will never need to be replaced. It is responsible for drawing in the air for the dreamcut airflow and blowing it onto the workpiece. This is the only way to cool the laser head and ensure a precise, powerful cut with the Mr Beam. However, intensive use under the wrong conditions can cause the compressor to lose power.

  • Effects of a clogged compressor
  • Checking the compressor
  • Correct procedure in case of a clogged compressor
  • Prevent the compressor from clogging

1. Effects of a clogged compressor

If the compressor is clogged, it loses power. As a result, no or less air is blown through the dreamcut tube. This can affect the processing of materials in several scenarios.

1. Impairment of cutting performance

If the laser has problems cutting completely through the material with the same settings as before, the compressor could be clogged. The lack of airflow means that particles are no longer blown away, which interferes with the laser beam and affects the cutting performance.

 Clearer burned edges

Burned edges occur when not enough air is blown onto the workpiece. This is the case when the compressor is clogged.

 Dirty laser channel

The Mr Beam laser heads are designed so that the dreamcut airflow also keeps the lens clean. Especially with the dreamcut [x], there should be no dirt in the laser channel if the compressor is working. If this is the case, the compressor is most likely clogged.

4. Frequent cooling pause

The compressor is also responsible for cooling the laser head. A compressor with reduced power leads to unexpected cooling pauses of the Mr Beam.

As already mentioned, all these cases can also occur in other circumstances. Therefore, in the next step we will show you how to check whether it is really the compressor.

2. Checking the compressor performance

Anyone who has ever lasered with light paper should know the connection. We always recommend turning down the compressor power so that the paper is not blown away.

The so-called paper test, however, is intended to achieve exactly the opposite:

  • Place a piece of paper as thin as possible in the Mr Beam.
  • Cut out a small piece of it (for example a rectangle) with the laser. To do this, turn the compressor power up to 100%.

  • If the piece of paper does not move at all, little or no air flows through the dreamcut tube. In most cases, this indicates a clogged compressor.

3. Correct procedure in the event of a clogged compressor

If the compressor is clogged, it must be replaced at a charge. In this case, please contact our support for more detailed information.

4. Prevent the compressor from clogging

If your compressor is still working properly or has been replaced, it is easy to ensure that it continues to perform well. 

  • Firstly, make sure that you only operate Mr Beam in low dust environments. The compressor sucks in ambient air. If the ambient air is dirty, the compressor will clog more quickly. For example, operating Mr Beam in a sawmill is not the best idea.
  • Check your filters in the Air Filter System regularly and replace them in time. If you operate the Mr Beam with full filters, more dust and dirt will settle in the housing and thus also affect the compressor.