? Did the laser power get weaker, even though you have just cleaned your laser head?

Are there fumes and burning marks, even though your Air Filter is new?

Does your laser head constantly pause for cooling?

? Is there a bad connection between the laser head and the software, or doesn't the LED on the top of the laser head glow?

Is your laser head hitting against objects on your working area? 


--> All these issues indicate problems with your laser head.


In this overview we have put together the most common mistakes around laser head, as well as solutions for these problems! 

1. Laser head assembled incorrectly after cleaning.

2. Problems with the ribbon cable, bracket or compressor tube. 

3. Laser head is hitting against objects when moving across the working area. 

1. Laser head assembled incorrectly after cleaning

Has the laser power of your Mr Beam decreased, even though you have just cleaned your laser head? Does your laser head constantly pause for cooling? These symptoms point towards the wrong assembling of your laser head. Most of the times it is the fan, which has been aligned in the wrong direction and prevents the air from circulating in the right direction.  

Do you see the fins of the fan on the side? Then it's the wrong way! 

Do you see the product label on the fan? Then it's also the wrong way!

The fan should be placed with the opening facing up, the lower right corner aligned with the metal pin of the heating sink.The cables should NOT be jammed anywhere!

Sometimes the heat sink covers up a part of the laser opening, if assembled incorrectly. This makes the laser channel smaller, so that less laser light is coming through.  

Another common mistake is that the cables of the fan get jammed between other parts:

This is how the right positioning of the cables should look like for Mr Beam II dreamcut - no matter if with or without a notch in the heat sink. 

2. Problems with ribbon cable, cable clip or compressor pipe.

? Are you getting the error message:  i2c_bus_malfunction (#117)... ?

Are you getting the error message:No laser head found..., even though your laser head is  connected?

Are you getting the error message: no compressor dynamic data...? 

Is your laser head coming to a hold all the time?

All these errors are indicator of a broken or incorrectly inserted ribbon cable, a loose or brocken bracket, or even a completely torn out socket on the back of the laser head. In this case please contact our friendly support service to find out whether you need to send us your Mr Beam for repair. 

Below we are going to show you how to connect your laser head correctly:

1. Bracket
2. Ribbon cable
Compressor tube

1. Bracket

To release the ribbon cable you need to gently pull out the bracket in the horizontal direction. You should by no means apply too much force! Otherwise you will end up with the bracket or even the entire socket in your hand! In this case you will need to send your laser head to us for repair. 

The bracket should only be pulled out forward by 2-3 mm.

2. Ribbon cable: 

Caution: You should only pull out the ribbon cable when your Mr Beam is switched off and unplugged! Otherwise this will cause a malfunction of your Mr Beam!

Please make sure that the ribbon cable is plugged into the socket evenly, with contacts facing upwards

When the ribbon cable is sitting firmly and evenly in the socket, please gently press the bracket back in place. 

3. Compressor Tube
And our last tip: 
If you have a Mr Beam II dreamcut, please make sure the compressor pipe doesn't have a sharp bend. Otherwise the air cannot circulate correctly.

3. The metal carriage of the laser head is hitting against object on the working area.  

If the metal carriage of the laser head is hitting against your material or moves the cut pieces around the working area, changing the coarse focus position of the laser head might help! Please check if the metal carriage is hanging much lower than the laser head itself (meaning, the laser head is focused on the lower position). Does your focusing look similar to this: 

In this case we recommend to hang the laser head to the next level, so that the bottom of the carriage and the bottom of the laser head are more or less aligned. Please find more details about the coarse focusing in this article.