In this article you will find a list of materials and chemical elements, which should not be lasercut or engraved for safety reasons. Working with these materials will lead to loosing your warranty. 

1. Chemical elements

You should make sure, that none of the following elements are listed in the composition of materials which you cut or engrave with your Mr Beam. When heated, they release pollutants which are dangerous for your health and which may damage your Mr Beam. 

  • chlorine
  • bromine
  • beryllium oxyde
  • fluorine
  • chrome
  • iodine
  • astatin
  • carbon fibre

2. Materials

Following materials can be composed from the chemical elements listed above, and should not be lasercut or engraved under any circumstances! Please note that this list only lists the most common materials and is not complete.

Plastics / Synthetic materials:

  • PVC (e.g. vinyl, foils, credit cards, hard protective luggage case, specific foams, shoe soles, rubber gloves, pipes, etc.)
  • PVB
  • Polycarbonat (PC)
  • Epoxy- or phenol resin
  • PTFE / Teflon
  • Glas fiber
  • ABS plastic (e.g. clamping blocks, housing of electric appliance)
  • PC Plastic (e.g. CDs, solar panels, plastic glass) 
  • Plastic reinforced with carbon fibre (e.g. tennis racket, wind surfing gear, etc.)

Textiles / Leather:

  • Leather or artificial leather which contain chrome 
  • Neopren (containing chlorine)
  • textiles containing pvc (e.g. raincoat)


  • Reflecting Metals: in this case up to 100% of the laser light gets reflected back to the laser diode and can damage it. Besides, metals cannot be lasercut or engraved with Mr Beam due to insufficient laser power. The only exceptions for engraving are anodized (i= dark) aluminum, as well as spraying the metal beforehand with the markSolid spray from our store.

All food items:

  • The food which has been lasercut or engraved should not be eaten! Burned and charred food contains cancer-causing substances.

More about materials: All Materials, which can be safely lasercut and engraved with Mr Beam can be found in this article or in this list