We always recommend to use the newest software version of the Mr Beam, because an update not only gives you access to the newest features, but it also resolves some problems from the versions in the past. This is why we recommend to check which version you are currently using and also check for updates regularly.

This is how you can proceed:

1. Current Software Version

Please check your current software version by clicking on the Settings and finding the current Mr Beam Plugin Version in the list.

2. Software Updates

Please click on the setting and in the left menu pane please choose Software Update. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button "Check for update now". If an update is suggested, please proceed with it. It can take a while until an update is complete.

Warning: If your Mr Beam is not connected to the internet, you will always get an "All up to date" message.

3. Software update with USB stick 

If your Mr Beam is not connected with the internet, you can update with a USB stick. Please download the newest software version from the download area of our website and copy it to a USB stick and insert it in your Mr Beam. You will find more details about this option in this article.

Note: The newest software version in the download area is always only available for the stable channel, not for the beta channel.

4. Switch channels

If you would like to switch between Stable and Beta channels, you need to choose your channel in the drop-down menu, wait until you are prompted to make an update, and then proceed with installing the update. Otherwise you haven't actually switched the channel! You can read about the difference between the two channels in the following article.