Normally, your Mr Beam should be able to cut and engrave various complex forms very precisely. If you are experiencing troubles with cutting perfectly round circles or clean ending, it is probably connected to hardware malfunction or maintenance requirement. 

How round can Mr Beam's circle get? Restricted by the precision of mechanics and a non-circular laser point there could be a deviation of approx. 0.16 mm from an ideal circle outline .

1. Roundness Test

A small test you can run, in case you are not satisfied with the roundness of your circles: 

1. Open Mr Beam Software and with our Quick Shape Tool create a circle with a diameter of 23.2 mm. 
2. Cut out this circle and compare it with a 1€ coin. 
3.The coin and the circle should match when lying on top of each other. The coin should fit into the whole with just a little bit of pressure. 
4. If this is not the case and there is a considerable deviation between the two, please have a look at the possible reasons and respective solutions in the chapter below. 

2. Possible issue reasons

  • Is the laser head of your Mr Beam clean? The dirt residue resulting from cutting and engraving all materials gets inside the laser head and sticks to the laser lens. This is why the laser head should be cleaned after approx. 100h of service. You can find more information on cleaning your laser-head in this article. 

  • Are the side tracks inside the Mr Beam clean? If there is a considerable amount of dust or material residue on the tracks, the x-axis with the laser head attached to it cannot slide smoothly. If you have Mr Beam II model, you need to oil the side tracks approx. every 100h. Here is an article on how to take care of mechanical parts of your Mr Beam. 

  • Is the metal bracket for holding the laser head snapped into place tightly? To mount the metal bracket which holds the laser head, press it gently from both sides (top and bottom), so that all teeth clamp tightly to the bracket. Here is a video in which we are showing how to mount the metal bracket and laser head correctly. To increase the tension of the holder on the x-axis, pull it slightly apart (top and bottom sides) before attaching the metal bracket. When attached to the holder, the laser head should not wobble. 

  • Is the laser head attached to the x-axis in a stable manner? Is the x-axis attached to the Mr Beam housing in a stable manner? Does the laser head wobble when you press it with a finger from above? Does the x-axis tilt backwards or forwards when you press on it? If this is the case, the laser head will be wobbling while lasering or engraving, which can lead to a shift in the desired design (see top-right photograph). This could happen when the x-axis is not sliding on all two wheels on its right end. You can adjust it through tilting the axis on its left end.

If nothing seems to help, please get in touch with our friendly support team by opening a support ticket and sending us a picture of your coin test. Please, make sure to include the serial number of your Mr Beam.