Laser Cutting:
  • slate
  • concrete
  • pebble

Product examples:

Mr Beam helps you engrave slate plates and concrete in a very impressive and precise manner. Such products can be handy at a fair or other exhibitions, events and celebrations, in catering and restaurants or at home. 

Tips for working with stone:

  • Engraving dark materials: if you want to engrave a dark material with a photograph, you should invert it first in a picture editing program of your choice. This way the brightest parts of the photograph will als be the brightest on the stone, and the darkest on your design - also the darkest on the stone.

  • Form: The flatter the stone, the more even and consistent is your engraving going to look. (But surely you can also engrave naturally formed rounded stones, it always depends on your specific design.)

  • An even texture and colour also play a major part in achieving a good engraving result. 

For more inspiring projects scroll through the creations of Mr Beam users on instagram under #madewithmrbeam!