Laser cutting:

  • felt (up to 3mm)
  • jersey 
  • cotton
  • jeans

  • dark materials with a light lower thread (works especially well with some jeans fabrics) 
  • felt

Product examples:

Mr Beam helps you create felt coasters, table mats and other homewear items, precise fabric cut-outs (e.g. for a serial production of face masks, quilts, modular fashion elements, etc.), clothing like a jeans jacket with an individual engraving, delicate patterns with cut-out details (e.g. for an iPad or smartphone sleeve, a skirt, etc.), jewelry, decoration for events and holidays, and much more!

Tips for working with textiles / fabrics:

  • Artificial felt works better than natural felt. While cutting Mr Beam will also seal the edges. Felt is also a very rewarding material for engravings.

  • Buckling: if your material is not lying particularly flat in the working area, you can press it down with the help of magnets. We recommend taking flat neodymium magnets, which are very strong. Please note that the magnets should not be higher than the laser head, so that the latter can still move freely above the working area.

  • Material too big: if your material is too big for the working area of Mr Beam, you can fold it and gather it in the front left corner. This way the laser head will still be able to move freely above most of the working area. Please note that the folded material should not be higher as the x-axis of your Mr Beam.

  • Engraving a dark material: if you want to engrave your design on a dark material, you should invert it first in a graphic program of your choice. Here is an example of a JPG file for the jeans jacket from our video:

  • Caution! Synthetic textiles can contain PVC. PVC should not be laser cut or engraved with Mr Beam, as it releases pollutants which can damage your health and the machine. Please double-check the composition of your textile or contact the manufacturer.

Here is a selection of our videos with inspiring project on laser-cutting and engraving paper and cardboard with Mr Beam. For more educational and inspiring videos please visit our You-Tube Kanal, or scroll through the creations of Mr Beam users on instagram under #madewithmrbeam!