There is an urgent update for users who own a Mr Beam II dreamcut with production date "Sep 2020".

Software Update to version 0.7.6 of the MrBeam Plugin.

Which devices are affected:

Only devices "Mr Beam II dreamcut" with a production date of "Sep 2020" (September 2020) are affected, which were delivered with software version 0.7.5 of the "MrBeam Plugin". 

If you are not sure if your Mr Beam was shipped with this software version we recommend to install this update.

Please do not perform a laser job, corner calibration or camera calibration until you have successfully applied this update to your Mr Beam laser cutter if your device is affected.

This update fixes the following issue:

It is possible that the laser engraves into the white frame of the working area.

Due to a configuration error, all laser jobs are offset approx. 7mm to the right. This not only causes an unwanted deviation with respect to the desired position, but can also cause the laser to engrave into the white frame inside the Mr Beam. The resulting damage is purely cosmetic - safety or functionality is not affected.

Installation of the update:

You can install the update in two different ways:

  • Online update:
    If your Mr Beam is connected to the Internet, you can start the update in Settings > Software Update > "Advanced Settings" (at the bottom of the page) > "Force Search for Updates".
  • Update via USB stick:
    You can download the update from our website and install it on your Mr Beam via USB stick. The exact process is described here: Software update per USB stick (offline)

Please check if after the update the version of the MrBeam plugin is 0.7.6.

You find the version number of the MrBeam Plugin in the Settings > Software Update > with "MrBeam Plugin" or in the Settings > About this Mr Beam, in section "beamOS and grbl".


Between Saturday 26.9. and Monday 28.9. we had described on this page a different way of updating to the same problem. If you have already installed this update, your device is no longer affected, although your Mr Beam still shows version 0.7.5. In this case the update to version 0.7.6 is not urgent but still recommended.

Questions or Problems?

Should you have any issues or question or in case your Mr Beam does not confirm the successful execution with a bright green light at the end, please contact our support team: New Support Ticket

Do you need more help? Please check our Support Stick Troubleshooting Guide.