If your Mr Beam's camera appears to be malfunctioning and is not showing you a picture, this can have various reasons. The Mr Beam's camera normally takes a new picture every 5-10 seconds, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The lid is fully open. When the camera switch is activated by the open lid, you will hear a quiet click from the right back corner of the Mr Beam device.

  • You have an active connection to your Mr Beam. As soon as the connection goes down, the camera will stop taking pictures. In this case the Mr Beam lights will also return to a slow orange, green or white pulsation. The easiest solution to this problem is to reload the Mr Beam software in your browser. 

  • Your Mr Beam has made a homing cycle. When Mr Beam is in "State:Locked" state and the large button "Homing Cycle" is on the working area, a homing cycle must be performed before the camera can take pictures.

  • Your Mr Beam is not performing a laser job at the moment. 

If your camera doesn't show any picture even though all these conditions are met, please check the following points: 

  • Is there a "camera error" in the Mr Beam software? In this case it often helps to close the lid for a few seconds and open it again to reinitialize the camera. If this does not work, please reboot the device. 

  • Does the red function light in the camera (on the inside of the lid, front or top) light up visibly? If you answer "Yes" to this question, your camera is taking pictures but is not able to transmit them. Please check if the connection between your computer and your Mr Beam is reliable and fast enough to transfer pictures regularly

  • Can you hear a quiet click from the right back corner of the Mr Beam device when you open the lid fully? If not, or if another unknown error occurs which is not described here, please contact our Support Team.