This page gives you the latest updates about the 

Mr Beam II Beta Software Channel.

It's meant to be updated constantly. So come back frequently when you're using our beta channel.

Hint: The "BETA" label in your Mr Beam II is now linked to this article.

While you're on the beta channel, you can always check the latest updates with just one click.

What's currently new in Mr Beam II Beta Channel:

Release v0.6.4 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Component icons in file list: the list of files placed in the working area now shows the icons that refer to the different components of a file. For example, if an svg file contains red lines (for cutting) and a image (for engraving), the icons for cutting red and engraving will show. This will hopefully help you understand which parameters you must tweak in the laser parameter settings :)
  • Camera adjusts to different heights: deppending on the height of the objects you put in the working area the camera will adjust accordingly.

Release v0.6.6 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fixes a bug with the camera.

Release v0.6.7 MrBeam Plugin:

  • General bug fixes.

Release v0.6.8 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Repeating a job: sometimes after a laser job is finished, we want to run it again exactly as it was to have a darker engraving, or maybe we just want to place in a new piece of material and repeat a job. Now this is possible from the laser job done dialog!
  • Folders in the design library: you will have the option to have keep your design library tidy by keeping your designs in different folders.
  • Bulk deletion of designs: now it's possible to remove several designs at the same time.
  • Picture quality notification: under the submenu "Preview" you can find some information in case of low quality camera pictures.
  • Improvements with SVG image handling.
  • Reset button for Mr Beam Light settings.

Release v0.6.9 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Camera: User can lower the threshold for the marker recognition (Settings > Debug: Camera Marker Recognition - Min required pixel) if the system does not recognise the markers. We suggest to lower this value in steps of 100, and to a minimum of 150. If the System creates camera images that a very badly calibrated (the positions a really off), the value should be increased again.
  • Several bug fixes, including one that provoked a failed laser job.

Release v0.6.10 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Camera: 
    • More resistent in extreme light conditions (Default value of min pixels required is now 350)
    • For special cases where the markers could not be detected, we included the option to upload the pictures anonymously. You can find this under the "Preview" menu in the left side of the working area. This will help us understand these edge cases so that we can improve our algorithm :) 
  • Updated links to Knowledge-Base articles.
  • Higher acceptance of very long button pressing to turn on Mr Beam.
  • Fixes a bug in Safari where the position of pixel graphics was incorrect.

Release v0.6.11 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Bug fixes, including one that generated empty gcode files.
  • Improved error logging for frontend.

Release v0.6.14 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Improved camera: system is more robust, especially when using dark materials.
  • Refreshed UI design.
  • Maintenance page: usage shown in percentage and increased depending on dust factor.
  • New Freshdesk widget.
  • Progressive cut (in advanced settings).
  • Split SVG files into smaller chunks, to manage them easier.
  • Support page: find the links to our Youtube channel, Knowledge Base and guided tour all in the same place.
  • Multiple bug fixes to improve stability.

What's new in the stable channel:

Release v0.6.12 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Multiple bug fixes, including:
    • A bug that generated empty gcode files.
    • A bug that provoked a failed laser job. 
  • Updated links to Knowledge-Base articles.

Release v0.6.2 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fixed tour to adeccuate to new position of the "Focus reminder"

Release v0.6.0 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Zoom: it is finally possible to zoom in the working area!
  • Improvements on the UI:
    • Very cool loading overlay animation with our logo.
    • Easier color selection for QuickShapes.
  • Mr Beam can now also speak Italian in addition to English, German, French and Spanish ;)
  • Avoid dark edges in engravings by adding an overshoot
  • Improved engraving order: the order of the different engravings was optimized so that the job duration is a bit shorter.
  • Improved error messages with links to Knowledge Base articles.
  • Fixes:
    • Testing a fix for an issue where the laser job  stops during a job or does not move in home position after the job
    • Custom material new color picker
    • Broken custom material image on materials created before v0.5.0
    • Display of the laser head's position during a job