This page gives you the latest updates about the Mr Beam Software Channels.

It's meant to be updated constantly. So come back frequently when you're using our beta channel.

Hint:While you're on the beta channel in the Mr Beam Software, you can always check the latest updates on this page by clicking on the "BETA"label in the software.  

What's new in the stable channel:

Release v0.14.1.post1 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fixed:
    • Missing final dust extraction after job was done

Release v0.14.1.post0 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fixed:
    • Wrong reported fan not spinning error

Release v0.14.1 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Added:
    • Material settings updated

    • Text changes and translations

Release v0.14.0.post0 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fixed:
    • Compressor warning on non dreamcut devices

Release v0.14.0 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Added:
    • New material settings.
    • Improvements for high temperature warning.

    • Improvements for hardware malfunctions.

Release v0.13.3.post0 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fixed:
    • update problem
  • Added:
    • new material settings

Release v0.13.3 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fixed:
    • Device stops responding when the lid was openend during homing or jogging when there was no previous  job
    • Device thought a job was done when the lid was opened during homing or jogging when there was a previous job
    • Lens calibration showed images that were taken before the button press
  • Added:
    • Warning added on lowering speed settings
    • Spanish translation added

You have feedback about our new software updates? Then send us a ticket via our ticket system: 

It is best for us if you attach files, G-codes, videos or photos. That way we can help you as quickly as possible.

Have fun with lasering!