We're introducing the ability to choose between two software channels.

The idea is to give you the option to checkout our latest development and newest features for your Mr Beam II while making sure that all of you can always use a really stable software version when it's important for your project.

Stable Channel

Use the most stable software for your Mr Beam II. You will only get notified about officially released and well tested software updates.

Beta Channel

Get the latest Mr Beam development! In this channel you can try the newest features even before they are officially released, with more frequent updates. Use this if you are curious, you can always switch back to the stable channel if you experience errors.

Switch anytime

You can switch between the different channels of the Mr Beam II software any time.

For this, just check the "Settings" section of your Mr Beam software, you can find the software channel selector in the "Software Update" tab:

After switching to another software channel you have to make a software update! Otherwise you haven't actually switched the channel.