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Upgrading a Mr Beam 2 to a "dreamcut"?

Will there eventually be a way to upgrade an original Mr Beam 2 into a 'dreamcut' ? Is it just a new head or is there more to it than that?

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Hi Ed,

we thought about it for a long time and would have liked to offer it. Unfortunately, upgrading the Mr Beam II is not possible because the changes are just too extensive. Even if it is not visible from the outside, the housing, electronics, axes and laser head are completely new developments. Hope you understand! Greetings

What exactly is a DreamCut Ready device which is mentioned on the shop article on Marcs link?

Hello Thomas, 

thank you for asking. The Dreamcut Ready device is a device that, unlike the regular Mr Beam II, can be upgraded to a Mr Beam II Dreamcut for an additional charge.


Mr Beam Team 

So if I bought a Mr Beam II 6 months ago, there is no chance to upgrade it and at least get some of the improvements which come with the Dreamcut?

To be honest, that sucks from a customer perspective. 

I love my Mr Beam but having all the smoke on the material, especially when engraving is annoying especially if you recently spent quite a lot of money for the device and you now learn that there is a better solution if you just have waited a couple of months before buying :-(

It would be amazing if you could explore options to bring some improvements to Mr Beam II devices even if  it will not be completely equivalent with the Dreamcut.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this.


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Dear Mr Beam Team,

what does too expensive mean? 

Buying a new Dreamcut device will be the most expensive option, or?

Ultimaker also managed to offer a option to upgrade a 2.500 Euro 3D Printer investment to a Plus version.

New rails, printhead, feeder - also the most expensive parts from a 2.500 Euro printer for 500 Euro.

So it is difficult to believe from a technical perspective. 

It feels like a pure business driven decision:

-> Sell your "old" Mr. Beam II and buy a new Dreamcut machine.

So I really would pay an upgrade price which is less then the money I loose from selling the "old" for the new one.


Hello Thomas and Markus,

thank you for your messages and feedback. I understand your concern and wish we could offer the upgrade for the old device.

The problem is not that we do not want to upgrade the devices. Otherwise we wouldn't have offered the Mr Beam II Dreamcut ready and the upgrade to the Dreamcut (for about 500€). It's just that the differences in the unit are so significant that upgrading from the old Mr Beam II would be disproportionately expensive and difficult. 

However, I will definitely bring the topic up again with the team to discuss your feedback.


Mr Beam Team

Hi Elisabeth,

that would be amazing. As mentioned above, I would not expect feature parity with the Dreamcut but options to improive my Mr. Beam II


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