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Hi all,

what’s your process for getting the offset between camera and laser on layers other then the lowest machine base layer?

The problem is, that the head doesn’t move up and down 100 % vertical. Due to the construction of the laserhead mount, the offset between camera and laser is about 1 - 3 mm in Y axis (when I change the Z axis height). 

If I want to laser something precise on a target, I need to check the offset between focus and camera first. 

China lasers uses a setup mode with very low laser power to align the target. 

Does anybody else have this problem?


If you have the exact sizing of your workpiece you want to laser on - just cut out the outline of the workpiece from a sheet of paper that is held down by small magnets. with this cut out outline you can position your workpiece accordingly and position your actual laser job in relation to the earlier cut out outline. As long as you do not change the laser head height between both passes this should be fairly accurate (<1mm off).

you can also use 2mm / 3mm thick rubber foam as alternative to the sheet of paper as this reduces the likelyhood of misplacing your workpiece due to the bigger height of the foam. Rubber foam cuts rather fast and is not too expensive.

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